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In we treat the information provided by interested persons with the following purposes: provide services which objective is to allow the contact between its users and business partners, whether for contacting directly with Berthlii, between the user base, or to use one of our services or products.

Using the site is solely under the condition of User and therefore the agreement of all clauses within this legal notice, without any reservations and being subject to posible future modifications.

The user is subjected to a proper use of the previously mentioned sites, abiding by the laws, the good faith, public ordenance and present Legal Notice. The User is solely responsable to Berthlii, its owners or any other third party, for damages, whatever these may be, and not limited to, for the inccorect, or unlawful use of the site, which the User is obliged under the present document.

General Information

With the objective of abiding under the Artículo 10 de la Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, from the Services of the Society, Information and Electronic Commerce, we hereby inform our Users that the mentioned sites in this legal notice belong to Jose Carbó con NIF X5864567G y Sonia Gil Benítez con NIF: 76626530Y, address: C/ Vista Castillo, 5, 38290 - La Esperanza, Tenerife, email:, contact: 634790896, Hosting: OVH S.A.U

General conditions of use

The sites and its services are free to access, being some areas subject to filling out complimentary forms as a means of collecting required data for a more personalized experience. Only those over 18 years of age are allow to provide such information on, or any of its subdomains, whereas those under 16 years of age must provide explicit consent from a parent, or legal guardian, prior to doing so.

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Responsabilities as Users

The User is subject to the proper use of our sites, therefore obligated to fulfil such requirement throughout the continued use of and not resulting in:


Should any User, or third party, feel that there has been a violation, of any kind as a result of the improper use of the sites before mentioned, he/she must send a detailed notice to, informing of the violations, identifying him/herself, as well as assuming sole responsibility that the aforementioned account is accurate and therefore lacking of any false, deceiving or incorrect information.

Private Policy

The User will be able to read more about how, and its subdomains, handle, distribute, and use their info as well as the security measures taken into account to safeguard such data. For more info, discover more at private policy

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Intellectual and Industrial Properties

All content in, as well as its subdomains, such as icons, images, texts, graphics, APIs, design, look and feel and source code, are property of and its owners, not being these, at any time, yielded to the Users or any third party for any type of use other than the necessary for the correct, and proper, use of the sites.

Users, may at times visualize and download copies of some of the content, as long as the usage is solely for private use, such as backups of personal information, and therefore, not to be used for reproducing, yielding, selling, marketing, redistributing, or any form of unlawful exploitation of such data, protected under law.

Therefore, any logo/s, registered trademarks, commercial names, typos, or content directly attributed to, its subdomains, owners or brand, are sole property of and its owners, without the yielding of such rights to any third party. Hence, it is strictly forbidden, and punishable by law, the redistribution, modification, yielding, communication, whether public, or private, of the content as well as any other form of act which has not been previously authorized explicitly and in written form by www.berthlii.comand its owners. In case of non compliance, or unlawful wrongdoing, www.berthlii.comand its owners reserve the right to proceed with whatever means necessary to claim for damages to the full extent of the law.

Liability exempt and Future modifications

The information provided on, and/or its subdomains, is solely and exclusively for the purpose of information, reserving the right to eliminate, suspend, delete totally, or partially, modify the content found on the site, or sites, with prior notice, making, if so required, the information limited or restricted, to whatever extent, to its Users. Berthlii, its owners, and subdomains, intend to maintain the quality and continued updates of the information, as well as avoid and minimize any possible errors, but not limited to, and thus in the case of possible damages for wrong information, omissions, or errors in its content, problems that derive from the use of the site, or sites, or external connections, or for damages cause by software or hardware to the User for the access to the site, or sites, will not be responsibility of, its subdomains, or its owners, being these free of any liability for claims of partial or total damages suffered.

The Users agree and accept that, its subdomains and owners, are not responsible for any unauthorized access, alterations or modifications of data, transfers of data or material, sent and received, nor any transaction carried out in our platforms., and owners, reserve the right to modify this Legal Notice, without prior notice to the User or any third party, stated under the terms and conditions deemed necessary and being the only obligation of informing the User of the modifications made to the site, or sites

If any of the clauses found in this Legal Notice is declared void, and with no effect by any authorized entity, under written requirement, the remaining clauses, terms and conditions will remain valid without these being affected under the previous mentioned void claim.

Jurisdiction and owners, are therefore ruled and obligated to fulfil and comply with Spanish and EU law, being that whichever is applicable. Any discrepancies that may result, or come about from the use of the site, or sites, our products, services, etc, are subject to the, but not limited to, the courts and jurisdiction of the Spanish region of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If the end consumer is involved, he/she may exercise their right by choosing to present a written complaint in relation to the current conditions before his/her court, or jurisdiction, belong to his/her legal registered address.